Read and discover why you should consider Rakuten, Japan’s top websites builder, how to sell online, and how to develop a successful selling strategy!

One of the biggest and most popular Ecommerce Solution marketplaces in Japan is Rakuten. This platform serves for companies interested in developing their business out of their domestic borders and entering the Japanese market. Rakuten is one of the best options as it gives you an immediate access to over 90% of the Japanese population on a platform that is already familiar to the online shoppers in Japan..

Having second thoughts about Rakuten? Here are 4 reasons why you should sell online on Japan’s top websites builder – Rakuten:

1. Most product categories have a potential on Rakuten: The most popular selling categories in Japan are electronics, clothing, food, and health supplements. There is a very good chance that your products will fit into the main categories and give you a chance to get closer to the potential customers who are looking for the products you offer.
2. You can create a plan that is tailored to your Rakuten store: Rakuten as an ecommerce websites builder is a little bit different from other ecommerce websites because every merchant has to create and design an individual store page. This is like a mini-website within the Rakuten marketplace that will serve as your store’s home on the website. The search results will showcase your items and when a visitor clicks on them, they will be automatically directed to your site. Because it is a little bit different from other ecommerce platforms, it is essential to have a unique mindset and think outside of the box. Remember, Rakuten can give you a lot more opportunities to encourage add-ons purchases, highlight sales, and maintain return customers. What are we trying to say is that you will have a better control over your pages and you can design them however you like to make the best of it and get as many sales as you possibly can.
3. Optimize your content for SEO: Just like any other ecommerce websites builder, Rakuten has an algorithm that takes care of customer searches. So, you are probably wondering – how to get my new online store placed high if you don’t have any reviews or sales? In this case, you will have to come up with a full SEO strategy. You can use long-tail keywords (keywords that are lower in search volume, however, they are targeted to your market and are more descriptive). The keywords can be integrated into detailed and long product descriptions which are preferred by Japanese customers. The seasonal keywords are also great for creating an initial boost in traffic. There are some special Japanese holidays which are great as you can use them to increase your sales. Find out more about the local culture and make sure to find out where your product fits into the Japanese holiday calendar.
4. Design your store for Japanese visitors and potential shoppers: The Japanese customers have specific expectations for websites than westerns do. The Japanese websites usually have more exciting, unique, and stimulating elements and are pretty heavy on content. Minimal designs, white or wide open space aren’t the best choice when designing your Japanese online store. The goods news is that content heavy websites are great for SEO implementation and this gives you a chance to add keywords to your product descriptions and improve your rankings.

If you are convinced that Rakuten is indeed the right ecommerce websites builder for you, it is time to get started. Before you get started, there are a few basic barriers that you need to cover – Rakuten must confirm that you are the producer of the product you sell and you have a license to sell it in Japan, the product must comply with the laws and regulations in Japan, and each product must be approved by the Rakuten team before launch.

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