3 Japanese Ecommerce Websites Trends to Keep in Mind

Before launching your own Japanese online store, here are 3 popular Japanese ecommerce websites trends to keep in mind!


When it comes to looking for an item you want to sell, online stores are the perfect solution for you. The ecommerce is expanding and in Japan, this growth can be used as an advantage. The Japanese shoppers are eager to do their shopping online so before you launch your own Japanese online store, there are some common ecommerce websites trends to keep in mind:

  1. The battle for the platform leader: The ecommerce platforms are changing the online shopping culture. Shopify, Magento, and Rakuten are the best ecommerce websites builders to use to launch your store. Amazon marketplace is also popular among Japanese shoppers. They usually use this marketplace for product research. Other platforms to consider are Yahoo Japan, Mercari, Start Today (this is one of the most popular marketplaces in Japan for apparel), Yahoo Auctions, and etc.
  2. Non-credit payment trend: If you have visited Japan before, you know that stores prefer not to accept credit and debit cards. The options for payment are separated, with ecommerce payment options occupying 60% of the total purchase. The stores use cash on delivery or bank transfers. The delivery options also vary. The Japanese online stores use store pick up. Each Japanese region has its own rules which depend on the location you live, as well as, the age of the shopper. Credit cards are not popular or used in the countryside while cash is used mainly for daily transactions. The metropolitan areas accept the digital payment trend. You need to target your demographics smartly and carefully.
  3. Extending the age and gender gaps: Men and women search items differently. For example, women from the metropolitan areas usually visit places around the capital to window shop. They can search online and go to the physical store to compare prices and find the best deals. Men, on the other side, prefer to buy items quickly. It is typical to see men passengers on the train shopping on their smartphones.

Before you set up and launch your online store in Japan, consider these ecommerce websites trends. It is also important to consider localization and set up your target, learn all about your customers, and what they prefer to buy online. This may take time but it is all worth it as you can convert the market and improve your selling strategy.

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