How to Sell Online in Japan with Ecommerce Solution Shopify

Ecommerce solution Shopify is becoming the preferred choice for sellers interested in selling globally from Japan! Here is how to sell online with Shopify!


When looking to sell online in Japan or bring a product into the Japanese market, there are a few ways to do it, each with their pros and cons. Usually, we see new merchants using ecommerce websites builders, marketplaces and ecommerce shopping carts like Shopify, Amazon, Rakuten, and others.

Currently localized, designed, and fully optimized for the Japanese market, ecommerce solution Shopify is becoming a preferred choice for sellers interested in selling globally from Japan or entering the Japanese ecommerce market.

One of the main reason sellers decide to use Shopify is that they simply love how does the platform work. They love the customizable design, the flexible and strong backend, and the fact that it saves them energy, time, money, and resources on setting up and maintaining the ecommerce store.

Ecommerce solution Shopify allows the sellers to become digital leaders, exploring and experimenting with a growing number of apps, features, partners, and contents.

Shopify supports many Japanese payment gateways. For running a true and reliable business without borders, your new store needs to accept popular international payments. Another thing we like about Shopify is that this platform makes it easier than ever to start your Japanese online store and offer secure payments methods. Shopify has joined forces with leading credit card processors and integrates with a few payment gateways in Japan including AliPay Global, 2Checkout, Amazon Pay, BitPay, Coinbase Commerce, GoCoin, CyberSource, KOMOJU・コンビニ/その他, KOMOJU・銀行振込, Sezzle, Shopify Payments, PUT IN ON LAY – Buy, PayPal Express Checkout, and 携帯電話ご利用料金と一緒にお支払い.

There are a lot of websites in Japan using ecommerce solution Shopify. Some of the websites worth mentioning are,,,,,, and much more.

There is always a way to entering a new market, you just need to choose the right strategy for you! Whether you are considering the option of localizing your online store from or to Japan or migrating your ecommerce business to Shopify, there is no better timing than now. Using ecommerce solution Shopify to run your online store in Japan is the best thing you can do for your business.

Go to the official Shopify store, choose your plan, and launch your own store in less than 10 minutes!