How to Sell Online in Japan: Launch Your Online Store with Ecommerce Websites Builder

Wondering how to launch your own online store with ecommerce websites builder and sell online in Japan? Read this article and find out!


So, you are interested in expanding your businesses. Japan may not be the first country that pops out in your mind, however, there are many reasons why it is definitely worth considering.

Did you know that Japan is the fourth country in the world representing the highest ecommerce turnover? Did you know that Japan has well-developed logistics?

Over 90% of the Japanese population use the internet to search, browse, and shop online. Japan has also the highest digital buyer percentage in the Asia-Pacific region, surpassing 80 million. The product return percentage by online shoppers tend to be relatively low.

Selling online in Japan is challenging and there are a few obstacles you will have to overcome to become a successful seller. The easiest way to start is by using an ecommerce websites builder.

There are numerous ecommerce websites builder options to consider, however, we recommend you to choose one that can offer you a simple solution for setting up, designing, and launching your own ecommerce website in Japan.

When using an ecommerce websites builder, here is what you need to do:

  • Meet the expectations of the Japanese customers: You can’t just use your content from your US website, translate it and use it for your Japanese customers. You need to recognize the different requirements of the Japanese shoppers and consider the local culture when selling online. The Japanese customers expect high-quality and valuable content, technical descriptions, and detailed product information. You need to give your customers an excellent postal and transport infrastructure, reliable delivery, and shipping cross-border.
  • Have access to the Japanese language: Having a Japanese capability is important at all stages of the selling process including product descriptions, marketing, labels and packaging, and customer service. You need native-speaker and Japanese customer support.
  • Accept the popularity and importance of marketplaces: You need to accept the fact that marketplaces are extremely popular in Japan. Besides the fact that they facilitate the market entry procedure, they give a guarantee to risk-averse Japanese shoppers. The three popular marketplaces in Japan are Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon Japan, and Yahoo Japan. If the ecommerce websites builder you are using can integrate with these marketplaces, it is an opportunity to increase your sales and attract more customers.

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