Selling Products on Amazon with Shopify: The Best Practices Revealed

Selling Products on Amazon with Shopify: The Best Practices Revealed

Shopify and Amazon – the perfect combination for selling your products online. Before starting on the Amazon Shopify integration, let’s discuss some of the basics about these two popular platforms.

Shopify is a great fully-hosted ecommerce solution. Shopify offers a free trial that lets you explore the platform and the features to see if it meets your business needs. There are great features offered, as well as, an App Store where you can find a lot of helpful apps.

Amazon, on the other side, is one of the most popular marketplaces. There are numerous benefits offered by Amazon, for example, fulfillment services, massive exposure, and more.

Selling products on Amazon is a great idea and now you will find out why.

Why is Shopify The Number One Ecommerce Platform

Shopify is used by website owners, businesses, and brands from all over the world. Shopify also facilitates features to websites through the App Store where many developers have uploaded their free and paid apps. You can find a lot of apps for Amazon Shopify integration.

There are also a wide variety of apps in the App Store. If you want to add some functionality on your website, you can visit the Shopify App Store and search for that specific feature. Among the Amazon integration apps, you can find the ExportFeed for Amazon which is a great solution for selling and managing products on Amazon.

7 Top Advantages Offered by Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces. It offers retailers a chance to sell products and attract customers from all over the world. Millions of visitors of Amazon website buy products each day and the product that they purchase is listed by other merchants or sellers.

In order to sell on Amazon marketplace, you need to have a professional or personal seller account.

Wondering why there are so many people attracted to sell on Amazon?

Here are 7 reasons why:

  • A wide range of products: There are over 20 categories of products available
  • Affiliate marketing plans: Amazon Affiliate is the most popular affiliate program out there
  • Targeted market reach: Reach target customers through various Amazon marketplaces. There are over 10 Amazon marketplaces
  • Number of loyal customers: The customers aren’t just loyal to Amazon but there are loyal to Amazon sellers
  • Growth opportunities: Amazon constantly works on improving the marketplace creating new opportunities for sellers
  • Optimized for conversion: Amazon constantly improves the algorithm to boost conversions
  • Comparison shopping benefits: Customers love the option to compare offers and prices of products

It is now clear why Amazon is one of the most popular and visited marketplaces on the web.

Selling Products onAmazon: Marketing Strategies for Acquiring Customers

Amazon marketplace has started as a platform for selling books. However, today, it is the leader in the ecommerce world with a product range that satisfies the need of every Amazon website visitor.

One of the initial marketing strategies of Amazon was based on Race-Reach-Act-Convert-Engage. According to experts, this can be the fundamental marketing formula for Shopify sellers.

Amazon marketplace focuses its research on creating more experiments to grow conversion based on buyer’s behavior and purchasing history. The segmentation is usually based on psychographic data and demographics. That is the main point which has helped the largest marketplace in the world to boost the conversion.

Amazon’s Strengths:

  • Focus on customer experience after the purchase
  • Fast delivery of purchased products and maintaining high expectations
  • A wide range of categories
  • Leadership on product cost through a professional vendor partnership
  • Quick implementation of the Go Global Act Local strategy

How Do Shopify Sellers Benefit from Amazon

Even though Amazon marketplace has grown to become the largest platform for ecommerce businesses, it also supports sellers who are trying to grow their sales.

Does Amazon integration with Shopify help to enhance personal finance or is just a tip given by Shopify sellers?


Let’s take a look:

  • Shopify is a fully hosted ecommerce solution which means that anyone can create an online store and start selling products without any technical complications
  • Getting visitors or potential buyers and optimizing your store for conversion takes time and effort. Listing products on Amazon is a quick and simple way to take the products to where the customers purchase.
  • Amazon is a marketplace with millions of visitors and it is completely optimized for conversion. This means that even with a little marketing effort, the sooner you start promoting your items, the sooner you will start selling more.
  • The more items you list on Amazon marketplace in the same category, the better the chances are of becoming a prosperous seller with a high seller rating.
  • There are a lot of advantages for high-rated sellers, for example, their products appear at the top of Amazon search.
  • Amazon offers great affiliate programs. The affiliates can also market the products listed on Amazon.

How Can Shopify Integrate with Amazon: The Best Practices for Selling

You can now integrate your Shopify store with Amazon. Shopify sellers can list and manage products with European, North American or other Amazon marketplaces.

Shopify integration with Amazon can be as simple or as time-consuming as it can get depending on the tools you use. There are some great tools that can help you to speed up the process and ensuring effective integration.

  • A professional Amazon seller account
  • Detailed description of the products you are selling on Shopify
  • A tool to use information and sync Shopify and Amazon (The Shopify Amazon App)

After Shopify integration with Amazon, you will need to know how high-rated sellers on Amazon operate their businesses. The recommendations to sell products on Amazon are summarized as:

  • Follow the Amazon rules precisely
  • Appropriate use of description, product title, and images with high-quality and accurate information
  • Effective service to deliver the products always cheer up the customers
  • Offer free shipping as far as possible
  • Obtain genuine reviews from the customers
  • Use your Amazon seller account to create different accounts (for Amazon Australia, for Amazon UK, and etc.)
  • Analyze the Amazon market to find a popular niche
  • Explore new technologies, the Amazon re-pricer tool, for example

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